ECLAIR is a powerful platform for the automatic analysis, verification, testing and transformation of C and C++ programs (with an ongoing extension to Java and a planned extension to other languages).

ECLAIR is very flexible and highly configurable. It can support your software development workflow and environment, whatever they are. You can ask us to bend it to your precise needs or, with a suitable license, you can do that yourself.

ECLAIR is suitable for light verification tasks that can be run right on the developer’s desktop, as well as for tough semantics-based analyses to be run overnight.

ECLAIR is fit for use in mission- and safety-critical software projects: it has been designed from the outset so as to exclude false negatives unless the user’s configuration asks for them.

ECLAIR is developed in a rigorous way and carefully checked with extensive internal testsuites (counting tens of thousands of testcases) and industry-standard validation suites (such as ACE SuperTest ( and The Plum Hall Validation Suite for C (

ECLAIR is based on solid scientific research results and on the best practices of software development. Beware of the theory-practice false dichotomy: a truly reliable and practical system can only be based on rigorous theoretical investigation.


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