GeantV/VecGeom builds with specific Git branches


These instructions are intended to provide a graphical help to trigger GeantV/VecGeom builds with specific git branches

NOTE: The build jobs execution is restricted to Jenkins users.

  1. From the Jenkins web interface go to the GeantV or VecGeom tabs
  2.  Inside each category (GeantV or VecGeom )Select the job you need to run. You need to be logged in the system. Once you have selected the job, use the left hand menu and select the order “Build with parameters”.
  3.  The corresponding build is parameterized. This means that there are several variables can be modified depending on your needs. In terms of git branches, there is a variable called “VERSION”. This variable is intended to provide Jenkins with the git branch requested by the builder. The variable default value is “master”. This means that the job will run cloning the master version of GeantV or VecGeom. The builder can change the variable value to set any other branch.
  4. Clink on the button “Build” to execute the job once the rest of parameters are selected.