Jenkins for VecGeom / GeantV

Short introduction


  • Link for Jenkins access:
  • Access is allowed only for geant-dev or phsft-dep egroup (CERN SSO authentification).
  • Products for nightly builds: VecGeom & GeantV (builds runs each 24 hours)
  • Available nodes for builds:
    • SLC6 with GCC 4.9.3
    • Mac OS X with Clang 5.1 (LLVM 3.4)
    • Nodes with CUDA support
    • Xeon Phi nodes
    • Node with Coverity Intergrity Manager
    • ARMv7 (planned)
    • Node with AMD GPU support (planned)
  • Available tests:
    • Coding conventions -> checking existing software
  • Compiler warning checks
    • Coverity checks
    • CTest for VecGeom & GeantV and CDash integration
    • Doxygen documentation 

Jenkins use cases

How to use Jenkins?

  • Login with your CERN account credentials
  • Check job which results you would like to check 
  • After select Node which results you prefere to see
  • Select build in build history "#xx" and click
  • Select "Console Output" to see more details..

Documentation about Jenkins (I. Goulas)

PPTX presentation about Jenkins