JIRA git hook

JIRA git hook

Jira hook helps you to not forget to mention in git commit the correct JIRA issue that you made modification for or fixed JIRA bug


  • In a hard way, hook recommends to commit modifications with a Git commit message containing [VECCORE-xx], [VECGEOM-xx] or [GEANTV-xx] (xx is a number of issue in CERN JIRA)

Important to know

You need to have JIRA issue to be open in one of the projects: VecCore, VecGeom, GeantV in ITS JIRA

IMPORTANT: To be able to open issue you need to belong to geant-dev e-group

We have a list of issues that could be used for generic fixes (without opening JIRA issue):

How to install and use hook?

  • Clone or pull master of repository VecGeom or GeantV
  • Run: sh hooks/setup-hook.sh
  • …Write beautifull code…
  • Add files git add 'modified files'
  • Commit files git commit -m “[VECGEOM/GEANT-xx] My message”

    (please don't forget to add JIRA numbers of issues that you are fixing, you will have JIRA git hook after clang-format hook)
  • Check proposed version of modification of file by clang-format
  • Select please correct decision:
    • "Do you want to install patch (Yes - commit with patch, No - commit without patch, Cancel - stop committing)? [Y/N/C]"
    • IMPORTANT: Answer is case-sensitive: please write your choice with capital letters (Y, N , C)